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A Hilltop Perspective can Frame a Life’s Abundance in Skies of Blue and Fields of Green

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Hilltop Picnic.   River’s Edge.   July 2012.

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Spinning Tales and Serving up Joy, one Piece at a Time.

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Holiday Pizzelle with Earl Grey.

Snowflakes sitting on the plate. These ones aren’t cold. They aren’t even white. On the small round table in Grandma’s kitchen next to her cup of coffee they wait. Earlier, I had watched her retrieve them from high atop the dark cherry china hutch that inhabited her dining room . So carefully she had reached up to retrieve the dress shirt box whose lid was slightly ajar. A curiosity in my mind; Grandma never left anything ajar. -Read More>

Club Soda

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Backyard Margarita with Lime Wedge & Fresh Mint Garnish

Neighborhood lawnmowers have grown quiet but the clean, crisp smell of a cul-de-sac’s worth of freshly cut grass remains.  The last soothing calls of robins fill the air as the lightening bugs make their debut.  Amidst their intermittent flashes that my boys so enjoy, dusk falls upon the suburbia that I call home.   On such a perfect summer evening it is difficult not to be aware of the beauty that surrounds me.  My mind begins to wander.

I take notice of the imposing Mulberry Tree that is in the parkway of our backyard.  Its sturdy frame must have graced that spot of land for the better part of 150 years.  Its knotted and gnarled branches have likely provided refuge to generations of Great Horned Owls whose most recent descendents we’ve been fortunate enough to witness stalking their prey.  Suddenly, it occurs to me that I have been looking at that formidable tree everyday for over a decade while sipping my morning coffee from the view out my kitchen window.  Wow, how can that be?  A decade has passed in the blink of an eye. Not one, but two children now have completed their first years of elementary school and my youngest son will start preschool in the fall.  They are growing like weeds. -Continue>

Courage is putting your ideas into action.

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Preserves: Lovingly-stored Summer Sweet Memories of Yesterday

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My Sister & I.         August of 1975, Panama City

My Sister & I. August of 1975, Panama City

Life is a beach when you recall the tiniest details of sweet memories.   Right down to the feeling of the sunburn on your back, the wind in your face, or the security of having one of your best friends by your side.  The photograph can only capture the image, but your mind preserves the precious details.  Details which last a lifetime.  If you haven’t already, preserve some sweet memories today.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never ends”.  -First Corinthians, 13.7

Me & My Dad. July 2007, Siesta Key

Me & My Dad. July 2007, Siesta Key

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Sunrises, don’t save them for vacations. They might just inspire you to take a new path; maybe even at a different speed.

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Hello world! Here I am. Anybody out there?

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