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Kitchen is open. Thank you bites are welcome. If you should find a “Keeper”, a comment for the cook is always appreciated.

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Christine's Mile High Chicken Pot Pie

Christine's Mile High Chicken Pot Pie

Traditional.  “Old School”, my husband might say.  These adjectives are some of those that might be chosen to describe me, by family and friends.  Maybe they know how much I relish preserving the past, when it is the right thing to do. Perhaps they understand my desire to save things that are well-made, but are at risk of getting discarded or lost, simply because they are not new.  Or could it be my deep respect of history?  Not so much history in the textbook sense, but rather looking back at the evolution of things over time.  Specifically, noting when we got things exactly right or when things just got off course.  I guess you might say, I’m more of a “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” kind-of-gal.  Read More>

A collection of short stories with photographs to inspire and soul-warming recipes made with Love

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So my first post on my new Blog 
will be...a dedication to my sister.
For, Lori Anne.  
First-time Dad holding Me.  May 1969.  206 Norwood

First-time Dad holding Me. May 1969. 206 Norwood

How did this start?   Let’s see.  I have been cooking, writing and taking photographs for as long as I can remember.  But, what finally got me to start writing a blog?   Well, let’s see.  I had been trying to publish a cookbook for my sister, a beginning cook.  Not a cook at all, my little sis had requested that I start a recipe box for her.  So excited at her interest, I promptly ran out and found a pretty box decorated with lemons that would fit right in her bright and cheery yellow gourmet kitchen.  If my little sister asks me for something, she always gets it.  That is what big sisters are for, right?    I was so happy to give her a “keeper box”  of her own to treasure on her counter.  I started neatly copying my best recipes onto the cute little index cards that  I had purchased.  Matching lemon-theme, of course.  I began trying to write the instructions and ingredient lists for my favorites as clearly as possible.  Read More>