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So my first post on my new Blog 
will be...a dedication to my sister.
For, Lori Anne.  
First-time Dad holding Me.  May 1969.  206 Norwood

First-time Dad holding Me. May 1969. 206 Norwood

How did this start?   Let’s see.  I have been cooking, writing and taking photographs for as long as I can remember.  But, what finally got me to start writing a blog?   Well, let’s see.  I had been trying to publish a cookbook for my sister, a beginning cook.  Not a cook at all, my little sis had requested that I start a recipe box for her.  So excited at her interest, I promptly ran out and found a pretty box decorated with lemons that would fit right in her bright and cheery yellow gourmet kitchen.  If my little sister asks me for something, she always gets it.  That is what big sisters are for, right?    I was so happy to give her a “keeper box”  of her own to treasure on her counter.  I started neatly copying my best recipes onto the cute little index cards that  I had purchased.  Matching lemon-theme, of course.  I began trying to write the instructions and ingredient lists for my favorites as clearly as possible. 

Then it occurred to me, when I was beginning to cook, I was inspired by pictures of the food in the cookbook first, not the words.  It had to look good on the page and provide visual inspiration to motivate me to attempt to make it for the first time.  So, I began photographing the food that I made for my family everyday.  The first couple of pictures looked very yummy.  I thought, yes these will inspire her to try to make it.   This might work.  This will be the thing that gets her to not just look at the recipes, but to pull them out and try them.  Visual Courage, so to speak.  She will know what I am talking about and the recipe won’t be intimidating.  She will try to cook.  After working on it for almost a year, it then occurred to me this wouldn’t be her “keeper box” ,  it would still be mine.  I needed to give her the courage to make her very own “keeper box” for her family. 

How could I do this?  Hmm.  I thought about a cookbook with pictures or making posts of food on Facebook.  Then it came to me.  A blog.  She could tune in or tune it out when needed, see the pictures I posted, and maybe get inspired.  Maybe this blog will set her off on her own journey of making a personal “keeper box”. 

So, little sis, it turns out you are my inspiration for writing this blog.  You are the person who gives me the courage to try things I might otherwise not.    You are a true example of grace under pressure!  So, if you are out there reading right now, throw away that cardboard recipe box, the one with the yellow lemons on it.  We are going to get you making one of your very own.  You inspire me every day.  You have inspired me to do something I have wanted to do for a long time, write something and actually share it with people.  As Julia says, “No fear” , Right?  So, if you are going to take a chance, you might as well start big.  I will share my little short stories, recipes and photos with the world. Yikes.  Ok, maybe there is just a little bit of fear going on here.  Oh well.  I am diving in.

  1. cool! subscribing!

  2. You go girl! And I’ll be here to back you up!

  3. Sue you are a really good writer

  4. This is awesome! I look forward to reading future posts, Sue! Good luck! The pictures you have posted on FB have made me want to cook more!

  5. Sue,
    That brought tears to my eyes! It’s pretty neat to have the feeling reciprocated! You are who I have always looked up to and copied. Beginning with signing my name, always with a smile, Sue did it first. Then making the signature Birthday clown drawing, the only thing I can draw, yes copied from Sue. Following her footsteps to IU to obtain a degree in Biology, yes Sue did that first. Now a brunette, just like Sue. I am so happy this year is over and you are the silver lining in the entire ordeal this year. Wouldn’t change a thing, found my sister can be my best friend after 38 years! Good luck, you always have shined at writing and are the best cook I know. Heading to Mejier, if only I knew how to print out ingredients. I’m so excited for this! I can smell it through the internet! Love you Sue, Proud to call you my sister and my friend!:) You ROCK!!!

    • Brought tears to my eyes while I was writing it Lori. I needed to put my feelings down on paper so you would know the shining star that you are.
      That you have always been. God made you that way from the beginning. You don’t have to try, you just are…Lori Anne. You are so humble that I really don’t think you know how many people that you inspire everday. I felt it took a big sister to take the time to teach you that. So happy you connected wioth my dedication because I put my heart & soul into it. Love you Buckie. I feel the exact same way about you. So excited about this wonderful friendship that was right under our noses all along. I so excited to continue on this journey with you. So glad that you have your smile back, but really it was there all along. You just couldn’t see it because that what is happens when we hit rough times. Even when you physically couldn’t do it, all I saw was the signature Lori Anne smile that is what makes you my baby sis. XO Hope you have a great day. Keep on Smiling Buckie. It is what you do best. Moviestar-style!

    • PS. Can’t wait for you to get back to being blonde (you are a natural). Besides, it let’s me keep being the brunette that I am ; )

  6. Alright you guys…now you made me cry! Very, very amazing girl doing a very, very touching and special thing for another very, very amazing girl! Love you guys!!! AJ 😉

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