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Some of My Favorite Things.

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1.  Bright Red Wreath on White Front Door.  

This summer my husband spent many a day refurbishing things around our home.  His favorite way to make things new again is to cover them with a lovely coat of shiny paint.   I love the smell of fresh paint.  I know, strange.  I have loved it since I was a kid.  Somehow it always reminds me of new beginnings, family, and just so many happy things.  As a matter of fact, I once came home from a long business trip to the smell of fresh paint. When my husband learned that we were expecting our first child, he and his brother surprised me with a newly painted nursery.  I think our new bundle of joy was about five days known.  Over twelve years later, it’s  a memory I still cherish.   His love of fatherhood is something I adore.  My favorite paint project of my husband’s this year has to be our front door.  This Christmas season I have loved coming home each evening, to that Bright Red Wreath on Our White Front Door.  I swear when I look at it I feel like I am in the midst of that favorite Johnny Mathis Christmas carol of mine, It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas.  Except instead of singing his version I do one of my own– But the prettiest sight to see is the Bright Red Wreath on Your Own White Door.  Silly, but true.  The entrance to one’s nest, so important that it’s Joyful.

2.  The Original Red Plate.

A birthday present for my husband the first year we were married.  I picked it up at a store that no longer exists in our downtown shopping area.  I love tradition.  I love red.  And I love making people feel special.  In my opinion, everyone needs to feel special.  I really enjoy our You Are Special Today Red Plate tradition.  Thank you Original Red Plate Co. 1979.  You came all the way from Germany and have been making people feel special in our home for years.  Yes, all three boys had their first Six-minute Meatball served to them atop this red plate on birthday number one.   But, I don’t reserve this plate for just birthdays.  We use it for promotions, good report cards and sometimes for an exceptional act of kindness.  You know as I write, I realize we have not been using it enough; a resolution for 2014.

3.   Le Creuset 2-quart Hot Chocolate Pot.

A lovely gift, a long ago Christmas present that sits next to a favorite red tea kettle.  It is never put away.  Always on our stove-top at the ready.  For one never knows when a child, neighbor or friend might need a warming.  One that only a rich cup of cocoa topped with floating clouds of sweet can bring.  It warms milk like no other.  And that spout, just genius.  Pours into the smallest mug without a dribble.  But this pot is not only used in the winter months.  I choose it when making my son’s favorite gravy.  And then of course it is the pot to select when making Bechamel for a memorable Hungarian Mushroom Soup. A soup my husband really enjoys.   It’s just the perfect size.  So cute and little.  Yes–I love this pot.  Maybe even more than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night.

4.  Le Crueset 6.75-quart Oval French Oven.

A very special gift, a beauty, a real jewel of the kitchen, stunning in signature Cherry Red.   One given to a new wife from a young husband.  One Christmas season on the feast of the Epiphany my guy presented me with three well-considered gifts, wrapped in lovely paper and bows.   His original Christmas present did not fit in our kitchen. So it was quite a surprise when on a Sunday afternoon in early January I found his packages.  All three of those gifts were special to me but I’ve chosen this one for My Favorite Things list as it was the first piece of the famous French cookware I received.  I’ve used it almost everyday for more than a decade.  It’s oval shape is just wonderful.  Allowing the largest brisket of beef to lie flat for the most perfect of onion braises.  Easily accommodating a three-pound pork loin nestled snug with a pound of new potatoes and covered with tomatillos roasted beautiful.  It’s a  gift that keeps giving.  You might wonder why a round oven is shown.  Well funny thing, that pot has a lifetime warranty and should probably be sent back to the factory as it’s become dark with wear.   Not pretty for photographing.  I’ve been told it would be replaced at no charge.  But my husband wants to hang on to the original.   Somethings can be retired, but never replaced.  Yep, I love that big red pot.

5.  Ruby Red Sleigh Resting on New-fallen Snow.

Walking in the woods with my youngest after a large snowstorm, he and I came across this ruby-red sleigh tucked behind the stables of a nearby horse farm.  Unoccupied and at rest on the new-fallen snow.  The draft horses were out in the pasture, blanketed warm for the cold weather.  As I snapped my photographs, my young son ran in circles making a trail of tiny footprints alongside that beautiful sled. Whenever I look at the images I captured that snowy day I am reminded to always Believe.  And interestingly, almost like magic, that song lyric It’s Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with You pops into my head somehow reminding me that life is always better when shared.

Happy New Year and Wishes for all the Best in 2014!



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  1. Beautiful photos! I also have a Le Crueset Oval French Oven in red and it’s one of my favorites. It was a gift from my husband, while we were still dating. 🙂

    • Thank you for leaving your comment for me to enjoy. Smart man. Love that Red Crueset. Makes time in the kitchen even more Joyful. Happy New Year! Love your blog.

      • I can’t lie – it definitely does make cooking more fun! Thank you so much and cheers to a wonderful New Year for us both! 🙂

  2. Sue…you never disappoint! I read your stories and always feel like I am there…Pics always good as well!

    • So nice to find your comment waiting for me in my inbox today. Happy you enjoyed! Happy New Years!

  3. Sue…you are such an amazing person inside and out. The beautiful stories that you create are magical! I love you bunches! 😘

    • Thank you so much Aunt Jo. Bunches of Love back at ya! Happy New Years. Hope you’re having pork roast, sauerkraut and gingerbread for Luck in the New Year. -Cheers

  4. Beautiful photographs and heartfelt descriptions!

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