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Milk and White Chocolate-dipped Oreo Bon Bons.

Nearly a year has passed since debuting my little idea of It is most certainly with a gigantic smile that I recall the electrifying sense of excitement when I hit publish on my first post that February afternoon. How vividly I can remember the sheer terror that immediately followed. Why terror? Well, instead of like so many other times in my life, I did not stand at the edge hesitating, wondering if I could succeed. Or worse, fearing that I would fail. My big toe did not go first to test the waters. Instead, I just did it. I dove right in with a pounding, passionate heart and a “cannonball” mindset. For me, doing something new is terrifying. Silly. I know. But so true. So deeply apart of me.

Fueled by some poignant life experiences, this foodie became inspired. Dreams needed to be pursued; not shelved. In my lifetime, I have been graced with many brilliant linings of silver and humbled by the witness of an abundance of colorful rainbows. Suddenly, that day I felt driven to share them. During the past year I began to understand that Fear, nor Circumstance can be used as an excuse not share the gift of Passion. I need to share it, realizing that when I don’t, a very personal source of JOY is hindered, such great Joy.

Joy powerful enough that in the midst of her day’s routine, it causes this busy mom of three to pause and be still in quietness. Maybe pausing to snap a photo of that meal someone loved. Or  to be still long enough, to be moved to scramble for that misplaced notebook needed to jot down a favorite memory or a new idea. And sometimes from within that quietness, was able to hear a beautiful lyric that stirred not only her mind, but sang in symphony with her soul. Thankfully, it is with a gracious heart that she is learning to keep moving forward, while not running ahead. Noting the discipline and practice needed to reserve time for inspiration. Making time to marvel at a spectacular sunrise, to watch a cloud’s minute movements as it inches across the sky and to look up to catch a glimpse of that hidden rainbow in the unexpected downpour.

Despite this, in the back of my mind I did doubt that anyone would be remotely interested in what I felt. In the past, a paralyzing fear that kept me silent. I was overwhelmed, but mostly humbled when I received the immediate support of my little dream from friends, neighbors, family and even strangers who had stumbled upon my single URL amongst the infinite number available on today’s World Wide Web. Caught off guard, but so grateful as each new comment was left as well as by every conversation started when someone was touched by something I had taken the time to put on paper. Their response, whether to a written word, a captured image or some new cooking method that drew their own around the family table, were each a wellspring of encouragement. With this loving encouragement came an even stronger source of motivation. And for this, I am very grateful.

And so a little delayed but as promised, my next recipe will feature “America’s Favorite Cookie”, the OREO. For me, it is slightly reminiscent of the story of suebthefoodie. Personally, as a child I was not particularly fond of the Oreo. But for some reason, they were a favorite of many friends I knew. Each appeared to adore them. This puzzled me, but also called to me. Not because I wanted to be like everyone else, more because it was a curiosity. So, I started trying them every which way. Together. Pulled apart. And sometimes even in the most classic-style: dipped in an ice-cold glass of milk. Yet; still not a fan. What was wrong with me, this child began to wonder.

That was until I tasted my first Oreo Blizzard. As a kid, I seriously believed whoever had the idea to crush that dark, dry cookie filled with a white creme center into a thousand little pieces and swirl them into a superior frozen dessert was from my viewpoint, a creative genius. To be able take something I didn’t really like, break it apart, crumble and smash it to smithereens and then turn around to make use of it as one of the featured ingredients in such a sweet masterpiece; moreover, a treat that I craved. It had been transformed. Yes, most certainly the creative genius of the highest magnitude. And so began my love affair with the pulverized Oreo. When sweetly broken, it was so inspiring that I wanted to sprinkle a little in everything and share it with everyone I knew. What better crunchy topping to use when adorning the top of a creamy cheesecake? Or, what else to enhance the crumbly crust lurking at the bottom of a mud pie? And then of course, its decorative necessity as the “dirt” for my son’s messy dump truck cake when celebrating his second year.

So it was more than an inspiration to find this next recipe waiting for me in my inbox. This time delivered from There it stared at me, the Oreo Ball. I had never heard of it before, but it intrigued me. Pulverized Oreos, only three ingredients and no baking required. So simple, it seemed too good to be true. Looking for a fun treat to make with my boys for the holidays and knowing each adored Oreos, I decided to give it a try. I am pleased to say the Oreo Ball did not let me down. What eye-catching beauties they were when plated with a single stem of crimson flowers on a white backdrop. So rich, so sweet, and so divine. If you adore chocolate in the extreme as I do, it’s a must try recipe. Two of my boys go crazy over them. So I’ve renamed them Oreo Bon Bons. This name change represents the two goods (en francais) and the doubly toothy smiles these treats elicited from my boys numbered two and three.

Funny, but boy number one was not crazy about them. He is more of a pizelle-man, enjoying a more subtle sweetness like butter. But, then again he prefers vanilla ice-cream. But that is ok. Two of my boys are in Love. Furthermore, one boy expressed his individual tastes. A win, win in my eyes. One friend suggested using Trader Joe’s Peppermint JoJo’s for variety. While my aunt suggested including the extract of vanilla into the creamy centers. I have a feeling that these variations would also be wonderful and might better suit boy number one’s personal palette.  I also think they’d make a an inviting presentation as a Bon Bon Pop.  They are all the rage now.  Perhaps a to do for next year’s list. But for now, if you are in the mood for a sweet and overindulgent experience, give these Milk and White Chocolate-dipped Oreo Bon Bons a go. For superior results be sure to use high-quality dipping chocolate, Ghirardelli or the like. Otherwise, chocolate-flavored almond bark will suffice.

This is the first recipe of the New Year to go in my personal Keeper Box, because I enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of gratitude. I am so blessed to call you friends on this amazing journey. I’d like to start sharing some more personal sources of inspiration encountered while writing my stories. I hope you find something new to enjoy.  Wishing you a Happy New Year, a fresh page, and more new beginnings.   -suebthefoodie

Oreo Bon Bons


1 16-ounce package Oreo cookies, crushed

1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened

1 24-ounce package white chocolate bark*

1 24-ounce package chocolate bark*

*Or substitute high quality dipping chocolate like the kind used for dipping strawberries.

Using a hand held mixer, mix crushed Oreos and cream cheese together. Roll into walnut size balls. Place on waxed paper lined platter and chill for one hour.  Melt approximately 3/4 package of white almond bark. Follow Microwave melting direction on Bark’s packaging. Stick a toothpick in an Oreo ball and dip it in the melted white almond bark in microwave.  Allow to harden on wax paper.This will takes about 15 minutes.  While waiting, melt about 1/4 package of chocolate almond bark.  When Oreo balls are no longer sticky to the touch, decorate with drizzles of chocolate almond bark.  I used a spoon and waved it back and forth over the hardened chocolate shell to get the desired decorative look.   Repeat using the opposite combination.  Dip in chocolate and drizzle with white chocolate.

Joy in Osage Orange. Blue View Fence Post. December 2011.  -Art in Letters credit given to Pickle the Green Artiste

Drops of Quiet Rain. McDowell Bridge. November 2011.

 Musical Inspiration streaming on Pandora while creating this post & now on my Ipod.

Too good not to share.  Maybe one of them will hit your ears the way they did mine.

  • God Put a Rainbow in the Cloud.  by Ralph Stanley on Almost Home. Blue Grass.
  • Jesus Gave Me Water. by Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers on Special Profiles. Gospel.
  • Black Bird/I Will. by The Swingle Singers on Anthology. Accapella.
  • One Voice. by Morman Tabernacle Choir & the Vocal Majority on Voices in Harmony. Praise.
  • Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive. by Monica Mancini on Harold Arlen Centennial Celebration.  Pop.


©, 2011-2012. 

Photos by suebthefoodie.  Recipe found on



  1. Another great post. And I love the Joy picture
    Created by pickle. Boy did you make those Oreo bon bons look pretty in your picture.

    • I love the joy picture too. Feel like I’m getting better at seeing it and showing it and more importantly sharing it. About time. Thank you for continued support. Pickle and I had fun doing the photoshoot of the bon bons together. I’ll have to show you how his depictions turned out. Love, -suebthefoodie

  2. Happy New Year Sue! Love this… Brilliant writing. Thanks for continuing to add more stories and recipes. (Btw… Just made Swiss Chicken Casserole the other night!)

    • Thank you Jen. Writing-style continues to evolve. Like a muscle, it needs a good work-out to get stronger. Enjoying myself. So glad you like the Swiss Chicken, it is one of the Green Artiste’s favorite dinners. So glad you’ve found one your family enjoys! Makes me joyful. Love –suebthefoodie

  3. Dearest Sue,
    You are the only artist I know that can make an smooshed up Oreo cookie look elegant and gorgeous. Beautifully written (as always) and smashingly photographed. Two thumbs up Suebthefoodie!

    • Ms. Carey,

      I am so happy you enjoy the story, but really exstatic to hear that you noticed the time I took to get that shot of the Oreo Bon Bon. I did some reading on the advantages of natural light in food photography. Natural light did indeed yield spectacular results. Help me highlight the beauty of the Oreo ball that I saw. Learned something. Always good. PS. Can’t wait to revisit the oreo when Jo-Jo is back in town ; )–suebthefoodie

  4. Great post Sue! I also heart Oreo blizzards 🙂

    • Amanda,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my little story and more importantly being such a source of encouragement to me as I pursue this passion. It does not surprise me that you are a lover of Oreo Blizzards ; ). Do you like Oreo McFlurries. I love them because they come in a small snack size. –suebthefoodie

  5. Love your writing and stories, Sue. This life is all about having passion about the things you love!

    • Thank you Joelle for taking the time to comment on my little story. It meant alot. Passion. So important. Shared passion a magnitude better. –suebthefoodie

  6. Sounds YUMMY!! Can’t wait to make them! : ) Happy New Year Sue B the Foodie!!

    • Betsy, Thank you for dropping me a line on my blog. I appreciate it. I so admire how you take the time to make the recipes that catch your attention. Such a source of Joy! Thank you. Been thinking about you. Wishing you Comfort and Joy in 2012 my friend. –suebthefoodie

  7. Love your writing. You have definately found your Joy and Passion and your blessings in your family in the Blue House. Love the pictures and your Oreo Bon Bon is beautiful.
    Love Mom

    • Mom, As always thank you for you for reading and leaving me your impression of my work. Great source of Joy for me. Yes, I’ve found my Passion. It allows me to joyfully and gratefully appreciate all the blessings that rain down on this little blue house and all who live here. I am so happy you made a comment on the photo of the Bon Bon. I read up on Food Photograhpy and learned there is a whole art to capturing great images of food. Can wait to continue learning on how to do this better. Happy New Year. –Your suebthefoodie ; )

  8. Always wonderful Sue! I love to see a little treat in my inbox from SueB….Happy New Year Dear Friend! xoxo

    • Holly, Thank you for your support and as always your loving words. You are such a dear friend. Wishes of abundant blessings for you and yours in 2012 –suebthefoodie

  9. What a beautiful picture and story. Can’t wait to sit with a good cup of green tea and read your new stories. You’ve given the Oreo a makeover for 2012. Hope you are very blessed in this New Year. You are such an inspiration to me.

    • Thank you my friend for taking the time to make a comment but mostly for taking the time out of your busy life to invite me for a cup of tea. As you know I love my coffee but so appreciate my afternoon cup of Earl Grey. You are a blessing to me. A treasured gift, akin to the bergamot of a long ago Legend’s Tale. –suebthefoodie

  10. OMG, those look so yummy!! I love to read your stories!! You’re like a folk artist! Keep the joy and the inspiration coming!

    • Thank you for taking a moment to read Oreo. Yes, I love Folk art. So thank you for such a high compliment. Working on the next one. Just need to walk not run. Glad to have meet you. You shine like a rainbow wherever you are -suebthefoodie.

  11. Yum!!!

    • I love trees. Pine trees, Oak Trees, Maple Trees, Osage Orange Trees, Palm Trees, Mulberry Trees, Birch Trees. I could go on and on. I absolutely adore a sparkling pink tree kind of like the traditional glass of Sparkling, bubbly pink Champagne I enjoy each New Years Eve when the clock strikes twelve. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment my friend. You are a blessing for sure! -suebthefoodie

  12. Hi Sue…beautiful writing and yummy treats as usual! Love you and your creativity! You make it look so easy! 😉

    • Music streaming and spinning up a new tale when I received your comment. Always a beacon of encouragement–your Love and sunny disposition are a blessing to me. xo SueB

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